CEO's Message

“Dear beloved and respected customers!
Thank you for visiting the Lbridge Healthcare website.

Lbridge Healthcare is a healthcare company founded in the spirit of love and life.
We are transforming the world and people's health and quality of life,
and we exist to help others in need. ”

Lbridge Healthcare uses natural resources derived from nature to:

First, make and supply world-class health functional foods that contribute to people's health,
Second, contribute to economic growth by establishing a corporate culture that puts innovation and honesty first, and
Third, share love by sharing corporate profits with our neighbors.

We have worked tirelessly and have put all our energy into establishing the right values.

Lbridge Healthcare is doing its best to developing healthy foods that improve people's health and quality of life.

In order to achieve this, through exclusive contracts and technological partnerships with Queisser Pharma and Marynys, leading health functional foods companies in Germany, we are supplying excellent health functional foods to Korea.

We will continue to provide the best products through joint research and technological cooperation with global pharmaceutical companies and global health functional food companies of major advanced countries (USA, Canada, Switzerland, France, Netherlands, etc.).

Lbridge Healthcare also has been continuously searching and nurturing talented individuals, raising them as leaders with professionalism and a sense of community.

Our employees are doing their best to establish a workplace culture in which we smile and cry together and always communicate warmly and harmoniously.

Beloved and respected customers!

All the employees at Lbridge Healthcare are committed to the core values of challenge, trust, and honesty.
We will always keep in mind the corporate spirit of love and service, and will constantly study and strive to provide a healthy and abundant life for all people, including suffering patients. At the same time, we will take the lead in bringing warmth and grace to those who are going through difficult times.

We ask for your warm love and unwavering support so that Lbridge Healthcare can be a great company that is respected and trusted by everyone.

Thank you.

CEO, Lbridge Healthcare Co., Ltd.    Nam Sang-Oak

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