LB Group

“Dear beloved and respected customers!
LB Group is a global human healthcare company composed of
Lbridge Abnoba, Lbridge Healthcare and Fistas, established to change the world
with the spirit of love and service, and to improve people's health and
quality of life and help our neighbors in need.”

3 Core Values: Challenge, Trust, and Honesty

LB Group is committed to practicing the three core values of challenge, trust, and honesty based on the corporate spirit of love and service, and we are committed to supplying medicine, medical devices, and health functional foods to improve people's health and quality of life.

Social Return of Corporate Profits

In addition, we practice love and service by helping our marginalized neighbors with our corporate profits. We, LB Group, will do our utmost to serve as the BRIDGE between LOVE and LIFE.

The LB Group's journey so far has been a series of changes, challenges, innovations, and miracles.

LB Group will continue to move towards the goals through challenges and innovation. Also, our top priority is the happiness of our customers as we take the lead in transparent management. Our goal is to cure the incurable diseases, such as cancer, that still plagues humanity in the 21st century, and to improve people's health and quality of life. We ask for your interest and support so that we at LB Group can achieve these goals.

Thank you.

LB Group All Employees

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