The space inside contains the shape of soaring eagle's wings.
Light green means “Lbridge,” nature and life. Sky blue means the sky and
the blue ocean market that the "LB" brand will lead.

LB is a brand that signifies love and service (bridge), which is the spirit of Lbridge healthcare Co., Ltd.
It is a health functional foods brand for pharmacies and hospitals that specializes in immunity products. Also, we aim to be a foundation for raising immunity and a bridge towards a healthy life, with the goal of maintaining a happy life for customers.

  • Lbridge Fermented Bitter Melon

    The fermented Korean bitter melon powder with patented lactobacillus in sachet

    'Fermented bitter melon', which was extracted twice and concentrated stronger, is fermented for 72 hours with lactobacillus separated from kimchi.

    Domestic bitter melon concentrated powder without unnecessary additives is packaged in individual sachet for one serving, it conveniently and cleanly anytime, anywhere.

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