Social Contribution

“ Lbridge Healthcare creates a happy world by connecting love and life."

Lbridge Healthcare supplies medicines and health functional foods that contribute to the improvement of people's health and quality of life, and we believes that it is our mission to deliver the love and life gained from nature to all people in the hopes of a healthier future. As part of this belief, we are fulfilling our social responsibilities through various and continuous social contribution activities.

The company fulfills its social responsibilities by donating more than 1% of its sales to volunteer activities that convey strength and courage to our neighbors in need, at home and abroad, and scholarship projects for the future of our society.

Also, we value a society that "live together with nature" by suggesting a new paradigm of healing through natural herbal medicines. In addition to treating diseases, we hope to create a healthier society in which everyone grows in the spirit of living life together.

“ Lbridge Healthcare's love deepens by being together."

Lbridge Healthcare is returning love received from nature and customers back to society through various and steady social contribution activities. We are fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities through voluntary activities that convey strength and courage to our neighbors in need, and scholarship programs for the future of our society.

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