Doppelherz is a brand of the German healthcare company, Queisser Pharma, with a more than 100 year history of providing vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients for healthy living and vitality.

Doppelherz means “the power of the two hearts.”
The heart has the power to remember important moments in life more strongly than any other sensation.

Doppelherz is Germany's leading health foods brand with a 35% share of the vitamins and minerals market in German pharmacies and general stores. They also export to more than 60 countries around the world.

  • Magnesium 400

    Magnesium + B vitamins + folic acid / German energy pack / vitality vitamin 1 box

    My own German energy pack, Doppelherz, for the modern people's vigorous energy production and metabolism Doppelherz's Magnesium 400 is the No. 1 selling product in Germany.
    Look for the mark on the product packaging in the German health functional foods section of the pharmacy.

    The German energy pack! Energy generation & energy utilization

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  • MaCal D

    Magnesium + Calcium + Vitamin D3
    A daily multivitamin that is refreshingly shaken off

    Recipe to help form and maintain bones
    Optimized reciepe(Golden balance) of calcium(600mg) and magnesium(300mg) = 2:1 to Increase calcium absorption
    Enjoy the citron-flavored health functional food in a granular form!

    Necessary for energy use / maintaining nerve and muscle function / bone formation and maintenance

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