Evaluation System

We are transforming into a warmer and more flexible organization by rewarding employees
for their performances
and moving away from a conservative and rigid corporate hierarchy
to practice an HR system based on an advanced performance-based culture.

Advanced Performance-Based Culture

  • Performance Management System

    The performance management process establishes a link between individual employee goals and the company's business objectives to achieve the company's vision and implement strategy.

  • HR Evaluation

    Secures transparency and impartiality by evaluating the degree of achievement based on individual and departmental performance goals, checks the job competency, and applies them to human resource management items, such as compensation and placement

  • Basic Salary

    Common basic salary system applied to all employees based on performance

  • Incentive

    Compensation system applied to all employees according to the company's performance and individual's performance

Evaluation System

Based on the organization's KPIs and individual performance goals, measures the performance of the year and checks the individual capabilities to derive a comprehensive evaluation result.

Continuous growth of company employees

  • Secures transparency and
    fairness for the evaluation
    process through a system of
    establishing continuous growth goals,
    mid-term inspection evaluation,
    and employee compensation
  • Accurate final assessment of
    the process and outcome of
  • Actively offers and
    supports opportunities
    for enhancing employee
  • Final evaluation results
    reflected in promotion
    screenings,salary increases,
    and incentives

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