Welfare Benefits

We provide a variety of benefits for our employees to grow with the company
and improve their quality of life.

Total Compensation

Principles of Compensation Management for Internal Fairness and External Competitiveness

  • Training System

    To help our employees steadily grow, and the company grow as a result, we support self-development and growth through foreign language training, job training, outsourced training, and conference seminar participation.

  • Human Resource Development System

    In order to foster excellent employees, we provide outside education and overseas training for excelling employees.

  • Child Education Support

    We provide financial aid for children to reduce the educational burden on employees, so that they can concentrate on their work life.

  • Support for Expenditures or Vacations as Congratulations or Condolences

    In the event of congratulations or condolences, we provide leaves of absence accordingly or financial aid in the contents of the congratulations or condolences. In preparation for accidents of employees,we provide workers' accident insurance.

  • Home Support

    We provide housing for employees who are residents of provincial areas to reduce financial burdens, such as monthly rent and lease.

  • Summer Vacation Center / Condominium Partnership

    We have partnered with a summer vacation center and condominium companies to cultivate the mind and body of employees and to enhance work motivation.

  • Health Checkup

    Employee health check-ups are conducted every year at a general hospital, and welfare is provided for a healthy work life.

  • Long-Term Employee Refreshment Vacation Support

    By providing refreshing vacations for long-term employees, we help stabilize trust and work for the company.

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